Supported algos:
BitGrin, Grin

GrinGoldMiner details

Miner supports all AMD and NVIDIA 6GB cards. 6GB cards need Linux or Windows7 at the moment because Windows reserves too much memory on those cards. Only GPU PoW Cuckaroo29 is supported at this time.

RTX 2080 and RTX 2080Ti are fastest, OpenCL code for AMD cards is being optimized. Cheap Celeron CPU is not recommended for many cards on the system.

General GGM chat

For more information about grin, wallet and node downloads see Node and wallet do not work with with Windows Subsystem Linux (WSL), use Virtual Machine or dedicated machine. Windows node+wallet being developed here

Contact us at [email protected] Discord GrinPro/GGM

GGM/GrinPro releases will collect 1% fee for the Grin Development Fund and 1% fee for further miner development