Supported algos:
Equihash 150,5

lolMiner details

The lolMiner is a closed source Equihash GPU miner available for Windows and Linux and focused on AMD GPU, though it also works with Nvidia GPUs


HD 7950: 8 sol/s
R9 280: 8-10 sol/s
RX 560: 6.0 sol/s
RX 570: 11.0 sol/s
RX 580: 12.5 sol/s
Vega 56: 19.5 sol/s
Vega 64: 21 sol/s
GTX 1060 3G: 11 sol/s (1) (2)
GTX 1060 6G: 13 sol/s (2)
GTX 1070: 17 sol/s (2)
RTX 2060 21 sol/s

(1) 3G mining is officially supported in Linux version and for Windows 7. Windows 10 does not allow full use of the GPU memory and uses itself some for Edge / Skype / Cortana and other system function. So it may happen that 3G cards fail the memory check or show 0 sol/s (Nvidia) or are slower then expected (AMD).

(2) Depending on core clock. Note that lolMiner likes clock frequency, because it makes massive use of the
L2 cache of the chip. On Nvidia lowering power target without other settings will massively impact your
performance. The best solution around this is to undervolt without only slightly lower clocks.